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Concept MRSV pod

MRSV.SPACE for relaxation, entertainment, and education

Award badge "2023 Finalist" for ArtTech Foundation.Award badge "2023 Winner" for UNWTO.Award badge "2023 Winner" for Kobe City.

We're transforming our physical spaces by seamlessly integrating virtual with real world spaces.

Concept vision & platform demo

We’re building a platform that will enable spaces to be transformative places of real-time relaxation, entertainment, and education. Powered by Unreal Engine.

MRSV is agnostic of display systems and easily integrates into existing A/V infrastructure.


Cross-section of multiple MRSV rooms/pods with people inside

We deliver VR experiences without the VR headset.

MRSV landing page view on a vertical iPad.

MRSV web app home screen

Office lobby transformed.

Create atmosphere in our public spaces

Temple environment rendered in Unreal Engine

Visit historial destinations.

Clouds and sky rendered in Unreal Engine

Real-time weather conditions.

Jungle environment rendered in Unreal Engine

Photorealistic environments.

UI design of an immersive playlist preview.

Retail and demo spaces transformed

Elevate the retail and demo experience.

Woman meditating in the desert

Meditate in the desert.

Night's sky in the forest image

Gaze at the night's sky.

Train station ads transformed into immersive windows

Transform digital displays into virtual windows.

We're building the platform for creating and distributing 3D digital immersive experiences.

Explore what makes MRSV unique,
from its technology to its personalization

MRSV is made up of three pillars that makes it unique to other immersive products. These pillars help democratize immersive experiences for everyone.


Image for MRSV tech

Development and
Deployment Tools

Streamline and take the guesswork away to lower the entry barrier for creatives.


Image for MRSV library and marketplace

Library &

Create, showcase and get paid. Get commissioned for custom work.


Image for MRSV personalization


Tech and specs for controlling your environment.

Our MRSV plugin for the Unreal Engine pipeline is like an easy button for creators to develop and deploy their real-time experiences.

With our plugin, artists of all skills can craft their own real-time immersive environments and deploy them to LED walls or projectors to create display facades for the atmosphere or digital OOH or create fully immersive spaces scaleable to meet any size audience.

This diagram shows MRSV's display flexibility: (left) display facade, (center) small private space, (right) large sharable space.

Diagram of MRSV's display flexibility.

Personalize your experience in real-time with Unreal Engine.

Our platform offers a turn-key solution for artists to produce immersive environments, and for business to leverage and integrate into the real world.

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Time of Day

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Icon: interactive elements

Special Elements

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Icon: camera position

Camera Position

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Session Control

Growth opportunities in several sectors

We aim to transform physical spaces, from everyday common spaces like train stations, shopping centers, entertainment areas, clinics, and offices.

We’re targeting businesses with an existing A/V infrastructure, invested in the customer experience. The following are a sample of the targeted brands that build relaxing, educational, and entertaining experiences.

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icon: education


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Real Estate

Explore the many MRSV case studies

Configurable session controls.

Inside a MRSV pod - single person viewing

Enjoy the panoramic views with up to 180° field of view.

Meet the MRSV team

Profile photo: Dwayne Grech

Dwayne Grech
Co-founder, CEO

Profile photo: Mark Alocilja

Mark Alocilja
Co-founder, Strategist

Profile photo: Ryan Sinitsin

Ryan Sinitsin
Technical Director

Profile photo: Andrew Cochrane

Andrew Cochrane
Immersive Advisor

Michaela Sullivan-Paul
User Behavior Advisor

Profile photo: Takuma Kokubo

Takuma Kokubo
Japan Business Development