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Concept design of a variety of MRSV pods

Concept models of the MRSV pods

We're redefining indoor spaces by building a platform to transform them into immersive spaces

Concept design, user interface,
and pod schematics

We’re building a platform that will enable spaces to be transformative places of real-time relaxation, entertainment, and education. Powered by Unreal Engine.

This is MRSV.

Cross-section of multiple MRSV rooms/pods with people inside

Cross-section of our MRSV rooms being enjoyed by different guests

MRSV landing page view on a vertical iPad.

MRSV web app home screen

A couple are experiencing a lighting storm inside an MRSV pod/room

A couple are enjoying a panorama of a lighting storm

Temple environment rendered in Unreal Engine

Travel to distant lands instantly

Clouds and sky rendered in Unreal Engine

Real-time weather conditions

Jungle environment rendered in Unreal Engine

Photorealistic environments

UI design of an immersive playlist preview.

Concept design of large immersive studio space

Concept of a shared studio experience – yoga class, perhaps.

Woman meditating in the desert

Meditate in the desert.

Night's sky in the forest image

Gaze at the night's sky.

Concept design of MRSV pods in and airport terminal

Concept look of MRSV pods places in airport terminals for passenger relaxation.

MRSV is a turnkey platform that enables immersive worldbuilding

Explore what makes MRSV unique,
from its technology to its personalization

MRSV is made up of three pillars that makes it unique to other immersive products. These pillars help democratize immersive experiences for everyone.


Image for MRSV tech

Unreal Engine Tools

Streamline and take the guesswork away to lower the entry barrier for the creative community.


Image for MRSV library and marketplace

Community Content

Create, showcase and get paid. Get commissioned for custom work.


Image for MRSV personalization

Interactive Personalized Experience

Tech and specs for controlling your environment.

Our MRSV plugin for the Unreal Engine pipeline is like the easy button for creators to develop and deploy their real-time experiences.

Easy to use specs, tools, and plugins to empower the Unreal Engine community in bringing their vision to life.

Personalize your experience in real-time with Unreal Engine.

Connecting the platform to the immersive work controls and allows user to personalize their world and experience and string several worlds together seamlessly for a journey.

Icon: time

Time of Day

Icon: temperature


Icon: interactive elements

Special Elements

Icon: weather


Icon: camera position

Camera Position

Icon: session controls

Session Control

Growth opportunities in several sectors

We identified several critical sectors where our MRSV rooms, pods, and interactive experiences brings value. This offers immediate growth opportunities for the platform.

Icon: travel


icon: education


Icon: office


Icon: healthcare


Icon: amusement


Icon: home

Real Estate

Explore the many MRSV case studies

Configurable session controls.

Inside a MRSV pod - single person viewing

Enjoy the panoramic views with up to 180° field of view.

Meet the MRSV team

Profile photo: Dwayne Grech

Dwayne Grech
Co-founder, CEO

Profile photo: Mark Alocilja

Mark Alocilja
Co-founder, Strategist

Profile photo: Ryan Sinitsin

Ryan Sinitsin
Technical Director

Profile photo: Andrew Cochrane

Andrew Cochrane
Immersive Advisor

Profile photo: John Kojiro Morikawa

John Kojiro Moriwaka
Japan Market Advisor

Profile photo: Takuma Kokubo

Takuma Kokubo
Technical Advisor