Case Study: military / research

beating the arctic cold

Top Highlights

  • MRSV's extensive library of virtual environments provides artificial mood and atmosphere ideal for remote and harsh locations.

  • MRSV's scalable display framework turns any sized space into an immersive experience.

  • MRSV experiences are real-time environments allowing users full control with an external app.

  • The MRSV platform is a non-invasive method to treat depression and boost morale of active servicemen.

User Journey

Lt. Scott is stationed in the Arctic, a place he is familiar with but always has trouble adjusting to. As someone used to warmer climates, the constant winter conditions are taking a toll on his mental health. With the perpetual darkness and extreme cold, it's no surprise that many of his colleagues struggle with substance abuse and depression. However, the army has invested in non-invasive methods to treat stress and boost morale. They have converted an old barracks into an immersive recreation space that contains four individual rooms and a shared studio for groups to enjoy together.

After finishing his shift for the day, Lt. Scott joins six others in a shared immersive studio, where they are transported to a beach in Micronesia for sun, sand, and, most importantly, heat. MRSV's 4D experience allows them to fully control their experience, from temperature and weather conditions to time of day and aroma. The experience is so immersive that they quickly forget that they are in the middle of the Arctic. The shared studio space resembles a virtual production set. It easily fools the brain into thinking they have been transported to a tropical destination.

Lt. Scott is handed the controls to adjust the time of day to a golden hour and the wind to be a light breeze so the palm trees sway slightly. The ocean is calm and tranquil, and the sounds of birds and music in the distance are the perfect recipe for relaxation.

Before having the MRSV experiences available on base, Lt. Scott battled substance abuse and depression like many colleagues. Serving in the arctic is his duty, but it often comes with a price not addressed by his superiors. However, the army insists that all active duty soldiers make time to explore immersive experiences to improve their mental health. Lt. Scott knows he can find relief in escaping to the tropics without leaving base when days get stressful. The MRSV experiences provide a much-needed escape, resulting in better performance and overall morale. Thanks to the immersive recreation space, Lt. Scott and his colleagues can combat stress, fatigue, and burnout of the winter blues and defend US interests with a clearer mind.

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