Case Study: Education

Design school lab

Top Highlights

  • The MRSV provides a unique immersive platform for students to learn and showcase their 3D environment designs.

  • MRSV works with schools to provide students update to date resources and guidance.

  • Immersive playlists of the students' work is a new way to create interactive highlight reels and promote the students and school.

  • Users who upload to the MRSV library create profiles that help promote their work for future collaborations or employment.

  • The university helps promote positive mental wellbeing for faculty and students by installing MRSV pods throughout the campus.

User Journey

Phillip, a 3D design instructor at a university in Australia, is teaching a top-level class on 3D environment design. He wants his students to understand the technicalities of terrain, lighting, flow, and authenticity and apply these concepts to build stunning real-time environments for games, movies, and immersive experiences.

To help the students grasp the subject better, the university has set up MRSV rooms all over campus for quiet meditation and escapism. Phillip has also been given an MRSV pod for research and development. The students have access to an education license from MRSV to learn, build, and deploy their 3D environments to the MRSV library.

The students can experiment and refine their creations with lesson plans and resources from Epic Games. The final project is to create a peaceful environment with user interactivity and spatial audio. Phillip will gather all submissions and curate an immersive playlist to share amongst the school and the world.

The MRSV library provides a platform for the students to showcase and promote the school as a destination for quality industry-defined learning. MRSV works hand in hand with design and technology schools to help students find new opportunities and make an impact with cutting-edge technology. With the MRSV platform, students can truly immerse themselves in their creations and gain valuable experience that will benefit them in their future careers.

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