Case Study: Travel / Tourism

Airport Lounges

Top Highlights

  • The MRSV platform can be tied to an airline's loyalty program for added personalization and convenience.

  • The MRSV platform provides a vast library of curated immersive environments with the freedom to customize the experience.

  • A user's flight status, gate, and boarding time can be displayed during the session without distracting.

  • Users can save particular settings of their experience as a custom playlist to return to at a later date.

  • The MRSV platform offers a personalized retreat at the airport to unwind ahead of a long flight.

User Journey

Susan was on her way to San Francisco for a three-day conference. She booked her tickets through her airline's rewards program, and before her trip, she checked in and upgraded her flight package to include lounge access.

Upon arriving at the airport, she headed to the lounge where she scanned her lounge access pass at the entrance of the immersive room. The room loaded her chosen playlist, a guided 20-minute meditative experience, which she had previously selected and booked a time-slot for.

As soon as she entered the room, her MRSV app synced with the room's controller, and a personalized welcome message was displayed for her. The first scene of her playlist was a guided breathing session, and Susan immediately felt her muscles relax and stress dissipate.

The next scene was a tranquil meadow in the Italian Alps, complete with flowing grass and a light breeze. As the day was coming to an end, Susan adjusted the scene to reflect a sunset through the app.

A heads-up display (HUD) gently appeared, overlaying her flight status, time until boarding, flight gate, session time remaining, and destination weather forecast. However, Susan found it distracting and decided to hide it via the MRSV app.

Eventually, her experience came to an end, and the room faded to a scene thanking her for her time. Once she had left the room, the app asked her if she enjoyed her experience and if she wanted to save the playlist or book another session for her return flight.

Overall, Susan had a wonderful time in the lounge, taking a break from her travels and enjoying a peaceful, calming experience in the immersive room. The lounge access pass made a huge difference to her journey.

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