Case Study: Entertainment


Top Highlights

  • The MRSV platforms can fully immerse users in interactive real-time environments from natural settings to large concert venues.

  • Integrating music libraries with the live environments is one way MRSV provides a personalized experience.

  • Users can create and share immersive playlists with the world.

  • MRSV's projections and spatial audio system is easy to install and scale in most environments.

  • The MRSV environments provides a blend of reality and virtual reality to elevate the karaoke experience.

User Journey

Have you ever stood on a live stage, singing your heart and soul to a crowd, feeling the rush of the music at your back, the voices and cheers from the waves of people in the audience? It’s intoxicating, energizing, and uplifting, like a raw cry from deep within, breaking out and being shared with the world. It’s a view few people get to see, let alone experience. But in the world with MSRV, it’s just a booking away.

It’s Saturday night, and Emi and her friends are off to one of the newest karaoke bars in Osaka. This fully immersive experience makes you feel like you are the star. In a specially designed facility, Emi and her friends check in at reception and pick a booth to seat everyone comfortably. Each person at check-in can create an account, use an existing account or simply check in with a guest. The benefit of using a budget is that you can store and create your own playlist of favorite interactions, songs, and stages.

Emi and her friends head to the room they have booked - it looks dark, but as soon as they enter, the walls, ceiling, and floor light up. The MSRV experience begins, and they are now transported to a concert hall, a murmuring crowd of fans in the background and stage ready for their arrival. In the center sits a console - a podium with a large tablet-like screen. Here, you can choose your songs, set the environment, and choose where lyrics can be displayed.

The screen flashes and asks which of Emi or her friends want to sing first; after a few rounds of rock, paper, and scissors, Emi gets to go first. Already, she knows what she wants to sing and who she wants to be. Taylor Swift. Emi chooses a stadium, Tokyo Dome, and a New Romantics song from the console. From there, the screens in the MSRV room blend and shift to reveal Tokyo Dome, complete with a mass of raving fans. Emi is now the center of energy. In front are fans shouting and calling for her; behind her, her band and backup dancers are ready for their star to start. And within a few moments, the music begins to play. At that moment, Emi has become Taylor Swift; she grabs the mic and sings like no one is watching, pouring out her soul. She doesn’t need the console to read the lyrics or the optional lyrics on the MSRV screen environment that was toggled; she knows the songs by heart like they have always been a part of her. She feels the rush of the crowd cheering her on, singing along, dancing, and waving little lights from close and far away. In what feels like a moment, the song is done; she’s out of breath and sweating but has one of the biggest smiles on her face. She hears clamping, and her friends’ voices cheer and congratulate her. It’s only then she remembers she’s in a karaoke room with her friends. She turns around, smiles, and thanks everyone, giving the mic to her friend who is next.

As she sits back down to join her friends who are sitting up against a comfy couch against the wall, it is only then she realizes that the MSRV environment lets her and her friends blend in as part of the crowd displayed by the screens. As her friend with the mic begins his selection of environment and song, she begins to think of not just the next song she wants to sing but where Emi wants to sing, what kind of crowd she wants to feel, and who she wants to be.

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