Case Study: Hybrid offices

Co-working space

Top Highlights

  • Easy scheduling and access via the MRSV app.

  • Users can access a library of fully interactive immersive environments to relax in.

  • Users can personalize experiences and create playlists to share.

  • User-friendly interface for quick navigation.

User Journey

Jason was part of the startup community and was feeling the effects of heightened stress levels. In an effort to address this, his co-working space installed an immersive calming room demo to test. The demo quickly drew the attention of everyone in the community, and Jason was curious to try it out.

He scheduled a 15-minute session around lunchtime using the MRSV mobile app. Upon arrival, he scanned a QR code from his phone and entered the room. Inside, he found a beanbag chair and tablet, as well as instructions posted on the wall. The walls were adorned with a scene above the clouds and a welcoming message.

Jason selected a scene from the tablet, and after a brief wait, he found himself transported to a jungle, surrounded by sounds of the forest. He was in awe of the experience and explored other scenes, switching between daytime and nighttime modes. He even toggled the HUD to see the scene name and remaining time.

However, as his lunch time was almost up, Jason had to leave the room. The tablet prompted him to complete a survey before leaving or have a survey link emailed to him. He chose to have it emailed. As he exited the room, it returned to its waiting state, and Jason left with a feeling of relaxation and serenity.


Case Study: Hybrid offices

Office inspiration

Top Highlights

  • The MRSV platform transports users to virtual environments that foster creative thinking.

  • Users can select from an extensive library of interactive environments.

  • The MRSV app can be integrated into a company's office network.

  • MRSV can integrate with the MATTER protocol for voice control.

User Journey

Jeff has been working on a complex problem for ten hours straight, and he has run out of inspiration for ideas on how to approach the problem. His mind is fatigued, and his creativity has plummeted. He has a tight deadline and can't afford to lose momentum and stop today.

Jeff knows he is near a breakthrough and has the sudden urge to go for a walk to clear his mind, but right now, it's freezing outside; he doesn't feel like putting on his winter coat and boots just to go for a walk. Also, the city landscape is a bit crowded, the streets are a bit wet, and there is not much to look at. He needs open space, a place to give him the feeling that he can stretch his mind.

So instead, Jeff books one of the office's creative think tanks, specially designed rooms to mimic environments that foster creative thinking. Jeff reserves some time through the office meeting room booking system and enters.

Once inside, Jeff uses the tank's control tablet with the MRSV application installed. He logs in to the application with his company credentials, and the system recognizes him, displaying a personalized welcome message.

It's not Jeff's first time in the room. He uses it often to get creative inspiration. The welcome screen displays several environments Jeff frequents during this time; open forests in the fall, mountaintop plateaus, and seaside fishing villages. Today, Jeff feels for open woods to pace around.

Jeff is now transported to an environment that looks like a forest in the fall, with beautiful ranges of orange, yellows, and reds. The floor is covered with leaves that have left their trees. Jeff paces around the room, sits on the floor, and stares up into the sea of leaves and trees, reaching to the open blue sky. He can hear the rustle of the leaves and the brisk wind.

He takes a provided roll-up mat and lays it on the floor. He crosses his fingers across his chest and stares into the infinity of nature. He looks at the random leaves falling, the different patterns of leaves falling from the trees. The sun overhead moves slightly as time passes, and he has completely forgotten how much time has passed.

The tops of trees start to sway slowly from side to side, spilling more leaves, and as they fall, he notices a pattern of leaves falling. And at that moment, a flash of inspiration, and an idea forms for solving his problem. Jeff quickly rolls up his mat, puts it back in its place, and then calls out in a loud voice, "log out." The environment soon closes down, and he exits the room.

Jeff is recharged and has a brilliant idea of how to solve his problem. He races back to the whiteboard and his computer to test the theory.

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