Case Study: Hospitals

Children's Cancer treatment

Top Highlights

  • MRSV helps provide a distraction and joy for children undergoing long stays in the hospital.

  • Enhances the mental wellbeing of children, reducing stress and promoting a positive outlook.

  • MRSV can work with production companies like Studio Ghibli to reimagine their IP as interactive immersive experiences.

  • MRSV's projections and spatial audio system is easy to install and scale in most environments.

  • The personalization of each experience allows for deeper enjoyment.

User Journey

Lesley, a child being treated for cancer, is undergoing extended stays at the hospital. Being in a hospital can be a scary and overwhelming experience, especially for children who are separated from their families for extended periods. The hospital recognizes the importance of a positive mental state for Lesley's recovery. It has installed an immersive room to help distract patients from their treatment and bring a little joy to their day.

Lesley loves the anime My Neighbour Totoro and is delighted to find that the immersive room has the MRSV app installed with Studio Ghibli immersive experiences. Lesley chooses Totoro's forest environment and is transported instantly, surrounded by calming spatial audio and a stylized version of the forest in real-time. The experience was curated by Hayao Miyazaki, bringing Lesley and two other children closer to the magic of Totoro.

For 20 minutes, Lesley and the other children feel like they're actually in the forest, discovering little magical creatures and controlling how they want to enjoy the environment.

Lesley is noticeably happier and has a brighter outlook, thanks partly to the MRSV room experience. Lesley's recovery continues to progress well, and the hospital staff attributes some of this success to the positive impact of the immersive room.

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