Our Philosophy

Innovation is our language.
UX is our sandbox.

We explore ways to better connect people, places, and the objects around us.


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About Us

Hello xLAB KK is a UX-driven experiential and product design shop made up of trailblazers and creative problem solvers.

We craft enticing and innovative experiences, improve processes and explore new ways to connect, inform, and delight.

Realizing your vision and business objectives is no easy feat, but after a combined 30 years of mastering design, innovation, and strategy, we make it look easy.

We have the right tools and know-how to craft a quality experience from strategic planning to design production.

Award badge "2023 Finalist" for ArtTech Foundation.Award badge "2023 Winner" for UNWTO.Award badge "2023 Winner" for Kobe City.

strategic partnership & capabilities

We take pride in our multitude of design and strategy disciplines to offer a robust and unique solution for all of our clients and partners.

A strategic partnership with Hello xLAB KK not only grants access to our vast specialties, but it also means access to an international pool of talent and vendor resources to meet any timeline and scope.

our services

01 – Design production

We can certainly support your creative needs with our expertise in a variety of areas including emerging technology.

  • UI/UX

  • Digital Content & Social

  • Digital Product Design

  • Spatial & Environmental Design

  • Public Activation Design

Photo by Gerrie van der Walt found on Unsplash
Photo by Tirza van Dijk found on Unsplash

02 – strategic planning

We want to help you, our partner, develop quality experiences with an effective strategic plan.

  • Design Infrastructure

  • Marketing Consultation

  • End-to-End Product Vision

  • B2B & B2C Experience Design

  • Partnership Management

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